LED Textile Lightboxes


Textile Light boxes from PHI Displays are the most innovative in the world. LED Textile Lightboxes are revolutionizing illuminated point-of-sale. LED light boxes are better for the environment, last longer and are easier to maintain.

Our LED Textile Light boxes use Textile graphics which never fade, easy to install and are easy to clean. Our Light boxes emit very little heat which makes them very popular in public places.

The Textile Lightboxes by PHI cost 90% less than neon or fluorescent Light Boxes to operate LED Textile Lightboxes from Phi Displays contain over 95% of recyclable components. LED Textile Light-boxes from Phi Displays have an even light spread to enhance your illuminated image.

Phi Displays Light boxes generate a ‘High White’ which results in a consistent white light to create stunning illuminated images. Phi Displays LED Textile Light boxes may last up to 100,000 hours depending on usage.

For more details on the range of LED Textile Lightboxes for Exhibition and other solutions, please use the contact page or call us on +44 (0) 1406 371319 or email sales@phidisplays.com.