Exhibition Banner Stands are the world's most popular portable display systems. Each banner stand in the Phi Display range has been designed to give you the finest quality at the best price. We offer a selection of banner stands, exhibition stands and display stands for all purposes – sales presentations, conferences and events, exhibitions, museums, point of purchase, receptions, hotels and showrooms.

All of our banner stands can be setup in seconds. Remove from carrying bags, fold out the supporting structure and apply the graphic – it’s that simple! As a Phi Display customer, you have an incredible choice of banner stands, from size, to shape, from style to graphic options. Our banner stands and exhibition stands are supported by the highest service levels in Europe. In most cases, Phi Displays display banner stands operate a ‘no quibble’ guarantee, subject to terms and conditions.

We provide a low cost or free banner stand storage service to many customers. This is also supported with our exhibition stand installation service which operates 7 days per week worldwide.

Salient Features of our Display Banner Stands

  • Simple, striking and durable Display Stands
  • Roller blind system where the graphics are conveniently stored and protected within the base
  • Single or double sided graphic in different widths – 700mm, 800mm, 850mm, 1000mm and 1250mm with a height of 2000mm
  • Cushioned carry bag, lighting and detachable literature rack available
  • Stands that are Ideal for most applications from table top displays to exhibition and retail environments

For more information about our banner stand and exhibition stand solutions, please use the contact page or call us on +44 (0) 1406 371319 - We're always happy to help.

Types of Banner Stands by PHI UK

As a PHI Customer, you have a choice of two types of banner stands for exhibitions: the Tension and the Retractable banner stand. Both stand types can perform in a variety of sales and marketing environments including retail, museums, events and conferences. Both the Retractable and Tension banner stands are lightweight, easy to use and are supported by our famous Phi Displays service levels.

Tension Banner Stands

Our Tension banner offerings are the Linkable ‘L’ stand, the ‘L’ stand and the ‘X’ stand. The ‘L’ is available in widths of 850mm and 1000mm. Both types of banner stands are supplied with a high quality padded carry bag. The ‘L’ type can support PVC, Tyvek, Lambda, Inkjet, Fabric and Textile graphics.

The ‘L’ stand can also be linked to create a panoramic display. The ‘L’ banner stand is supplied in a stylish carry bag.

X Banner Stand

The ‘X’ banner stand is the best value tension banner stand in UK. The ‘X’ is available in two sizes, 600mm x 1600mm and 800mm x 2000mm. The ‘X’ stand supports PVC, Tyvek, Lambda, inkjet, Fabric and Textile graphics. The ‘X’ banner stand is supplied in a stylish carry bag

Emerald ‘L’ Banner Stand

If you require a tension stand with a height of 2100mm x 850mm at an incredible price. The Emerald ‘L’ tension banner stand can support PVC, Tyvek, Lambda, Inkjet, Fabric and Textile graphics. The Emerald ‘L’ product is supplied in a stylish carry bag.

Exhibition Banner Stands in UK by PHI Displays

Exhibition Stands have been long used as a convenient marketing solution. Phi Displays are a leading exhibition stand designer and manufacturer. We are one of the leading suppliers of banner display stands in UK - we design and manufacture a range of modular exhibition stands in UK.

Phi Displays provide a turnkey exhibition stand service to distributors and clients. Phi Displays Portable Architecture exhibition stand system, is the premier modular display stand in the world.

Phi Displays offer a unique exhibition banner stand ship and storage service to distributors and clients worldwide. Phi Displays exhibition stand accessories include flooring, lighting, shelving, graphics and multimedia.

We store clients' display banner stands in UK at our head quarters in Spalding Lincolnshire and ship and install them at events, all over the world. Phi Displays stock a comprehensive range of exhibition banner stands in UK including straight, curved, magnetic and textile.

For more information about Phi Displays exhibition stand service, email sales@phidisplays.com